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B2 Topics

WH questions with who, whom, which, how and whose


We use how to explain a way/method.

  • How do you make your cakes?
  • How do I get to your house?


We use which to tell two (or more) things apart or for choices.

  • Which tooth hurts?
  • Which flavor do you like?


We use who to identify a person.

  • Who is that woman?


We use whose to identify possession.

  • Whose house is that?


We use whom to ask which person receives an action.

  • Whom should I give the parcel to?

Look out!

Who is a subject pronoun like I, he, and she.

Whom is an object pronoun like him, her and us.

  • Ex. Whom should I give the parcel to? I should give the parcel to him.

Whose is a possessive pronoun like my, his and hers.

Don’t forget!

  • Which = choice of some kind
  • How = way/method
  • Who = people (subject)
  • Whom = people (object)
  • Whose = ownership

Forming a question

Wh-questions are formed by moving the verb BE, and then adding the Wh- word. Here are some examples:

  • I am eating. What am I eating?
  • We are leaving. When are we leaving?
  • She is talking. Who is she talking to?

We use What is … like? to ask for a description of someone or something e.g. their appearance, or their character.

  • What’s your new house like? It’s a big, modern house with a nice garden.
  • What’s your new teacher like? She’s nice. She’s very pretty, but she’s strict.


Look out!

Don’t do this

When we are leaving? (No!)

You need to change we/are i.e. change the positions of the subject/verb.

When are we leaving? (Yes!)

Don’t confuse the different meanings of ‘like’.

  • What flavor ice-cream do you like? I like strawberry ice-cream.

(Hint: ‘like’ is near the front of the question)

  • What’s your brother like? He’s tall, quiet and clever.

(Hint: like is at the end of the question)

Don’t forget!

We are leaving = When are we leaving? = Add wh-question word

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