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So and Such

 by themselves don’t mean anything.

… when used before an adjective or adverb they give more information about how the speaker feels.

… they are close in meaning to very.

 so goes directly before an adjective.

It is so hot.

He is so fast.

This book is so interesting.

These cookies are so delicious.

… such goes between a verb and the article (a, an) preceding an adjective-noun combination.

He is such an annoying man! => He is a very annoying man!

It is such a funny film that I’ve watched it many times.

She always takes such a long time to answer her emails => She takes a very long time to answer them.

Look out!

LOOK OUT! An adjective or adverb goes immediately after so. We use a or an and a noun immediately after such though.

It is so expensive.

It is such an expensive car.

Don’t forget!

=> So and such mean ‘very’.

=> They cannot be used alone.

=> Both are used to express our feelings about something.



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