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Why is this important?

Sometimes we need to talk about how often we do things and we have words we can use to do that.

Do you know any of those words, and how to use them?

How often (how many times a day/week/month/year) we do something is called the frequency. 

This flashcard will come in handy teaching you three of the frequency words we use!


Today you will learn:

– When and where to use always.

– When and where to use usually.

– When and where to use often. 

– …and some interesting trivia!

Examples & Explanations


Always means 100% of the time.

I always drink coffee in the morning = I drink coffee every day.

I always go to the National Day celebrations in my city = I go to them every year.


Usually means MOST of the time. There is NO exact % for it!

I usually drive my daughter to school = Most days I take my daughter by car but sometimes we walk. 

We usually have pizza on Friday night = Most Fridays we have pizza but not every Friday.


Often is a little different from ‘always’ and ‘usually’ because it means ‘a lot of the time’. Generally, it is LESS than ‘usually’.

I often have pizza on Fridays = I like to have pizza on Fridays and might do it 3 times a month.

I often walk my dog by the river = I like to walk by the river with my dog. We sometimes go to the park or beach instead though.

Look out!

always brush my teeth NOT

I brush my teeth always.


usually get the bus OR

Usually, I get the bus OR

I get the bus usually.


often have pasta for dinner NOT

I have pasta often OR

Often, I have pasta.

Don’t forget!

Always  = all the time / every [day/week/month/year]

Usually = most of the time 

Often = a lot of the time

Did you know?

In English, sentences always have a verb in.

Single words like stop! Or help! are verbs, but ‘I am’ is a complete sentence and the shortest one in English! (am is the verb!)

Many people think the English always have a cooked breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, toast, and more!) but this isn’t true because most English people often don’t have time to make this. They usually have oats, cereal, or toast instead, and they often have a cup of tea (with milk!) with it, but not always!

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